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Tradition, Nature , Civilization and Contemporary life are the first words that come to the visitors mind on the Island of Lesbos

The Fortress
It is located right above the pine trees near the port. It is one of th e bigger fortresses in the area of the Mediterenean sea.
It was built and rebuilt partly in different periods of time from various Kings or nobles in order to serve their interests. There are several underground lofts in the fortress where women and children were accomodated during the fights. It really is a valuable part of the history of the Island.
Σουράδα Ακλειδιού
On the extension of th eMakrigialos street, we Find the suberbs Sourada and Akleidiou, very picturesque with distinctive old mansions.
The mansions with the big and bosky gardens, they dignify the area as they are so prestigious.
The Madonnas church high on the Hill, luminous in the nature looks like a painting.
The cathedral is located at the area with the name "Halikes". Its' special feature is its' individual architecture. A very impresive part of the cathedral is a chapel with its' walls and its' ceiling painted by the famous hagiographer and writer "Foti Kondoglou" with paintings of Lesbian saints in byzantine style.
Παναγία Ακλειδιού